Placement process at CLAP ISB commences in the first semester and culminates to final job placement in the third semester.

Employment Protection Guarantee

CLAP Global MBA programme is designed to ensure proper employment for the participants. We admit only those aspirants with a positive attitude to develop themselves and achieve their dreams. The participants have to undergo a very rigorous MBA training during the programme which includes various interventions with monthly 'performance objective'.

The entire programme is designed in such a way that it will enable the participant to improve their skill set and clear the interview.

Conditions for 'Employment Protection Guarantee'

  • Participant should get a minimum aggregate of 60% in the Bangalore University semester examinations with our back papers.
  • Participants should meet the skill matrix parameters which is designed by corporate
  • Participant should obtain a minimum of 80% attendance in the academic schedule and a minimum attendance of 90% in the training schedule – Employability Passport Programme (EPP)


  • Who is eligible to apply for EPG?

    All students who enrol for the programme are eligible for this. However the reviewer hold the right to reject any application if the participant’s attitude does not match with the dreams and efforts.

  • How can I acquire the required employability points?

    Regular training programmes with continuous follow up is provided along with academic sessions. The participant responsibility is to practice and implement the learning in the daily life. This can help you meet the required employability standard. Click to view semester – wise training schedule .

  • How can I evaluate my performance parameters?

    Academic and skill parameter evaluation is published on 5th of every month which can accessed from the student log – in. We follow a 360 degree feedback where the student will be rated by self, fellow participants, faculty members and trainers. The mode of evaluation may vary. This will help the participant to keep a track of their performance and pace at which they are moving towards employability. Click to view sample score card.

  • What will happen if I'm not able to attain the prescribed parameter level?

    If you strictly follow the regime, you will be able to reach the parameter level. However, if you fail in any academic subject or unable to reach the skill parameters, you will be provided with remedial classes without any additional fee and will be allowed to sit for placement depends on the company policies. You will be moved out of EPG, but still be eligible to avail all placement and project assistance.

  • What if don't get a job, even after fulfilling all required criteria?

    If you attain all criterial, both academic and non-academic, and still not receive a job offer, you are eligible to undergo further trainings and interview at the expense of the institution till you get a job offer.

    If you fail in any interview, the institution will receive a feedback on your interview performance. We will be designing a special customized programme to help you to overcome that weakness. This ensure you to get a suitable job offer.

  • How many interviews can I attend?

    You can attend all the interviews for which you are eligible for as per the employer's policies. You won't be allowed to appear for any interview once you accept any job offer.

  • What will be the average salary package?

    The interviews are arranged on industry standards. However we don't accept any campus interview offer which is less than INR.3,00,000/- for the eligible students.