Prof.Reddy Kumar, Ph.D,
Dean, CLAP Global MBA Programme.

A thorough professional in Human resource management and organizational development. His remarkable experience in academics for more than 15 years is supported with various consultancy assignments in Banking, finance, real – estate and technology. This has expanded his horizon as an academician and helped him to do an intensive research in organizational citizenship. He played a crucial role in moulding many of those successful professionals and entrepreneurs. He is an audacious reader and loves travelling. If you can catch up with him over a tea (of course he loves to drink hot steaming tea!!), you would love listening to him on life symmetries, how to be minimalistic and of course some of his life changing thoughts!! He love listening to others and devoted his life for continuous learning.

He has published articles in national and international journals which were well acclaimed for the depth of research he has done.

He always quote which has inspired many to accomplish their dreams "The thin line between your dreams and success is called action, take a big leap now!!"

Areas of expertise: Human Resource Management, Organizational citizenship, Knowledge Management, Organizational Behaviour, Training and Development, Talent acquisition and performance management.

He can be reached at