Prof.Manoj Govind, MPhil & MA (Entrepreneurship),
Executive Vice President – Training and Development, CLAP Global MBA Programme.

He is a magnanimous personality who spread fragrance to every individuals he meets. He is one of the most sought after trainer nationally. He has more than 20000 hours of training expertise in BFSI, hospitality and retails segments. He secured his M.Phil and masters in entrepreneurship which he reflected in his life by starting the Hotel Management Institute in Kerala in early 1990s. He has successfully marked his signature in many industries including hospitality, health care. Construction, banking and insurance.

He holds many prestigious positions including the founder director of Healthy holidays Pvt.,Ltd, Former training manager of IDBI Federal, Founder President of IFPT (International Federation of Professional Trainers).

You will see him working out in the early hours of mornings or late nights. He is a life time learner and quote real-life examples which he gets through his regular interactions with competent corporate resources.

He inspires his participants to practice what they learn, he always quote "spread your fragrance!!"

Areas of expertise: Communication, Leadership, Body Language, Team building, advance public speaking skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, Platform skills.

He can be reached at