Prof.G S Sreekiran, Ph.D, MBA, PGD T&D(Singapur),
Director, CLAP Global MBA Programme.

A training and marketing professional with 15 years of experience with leading financial sector companies. After working with major financial companies in India as a Training professional in various levels, he took a sabbatical and pursued his studies. After his second Post Graduation in Training and Development from prestigious Singapore Human Resource Institute, he joined Pacific Consulting Group as their International Marketing Head. After successful completion of the term, he resumed his profession in academics and training. He is a Marketing consultant to many of the start ups and personal success coach for many professionals. He is widely travelled and is regularly conducting sessions at 10 countries. He is a well-known career strategist nationally and internationally.

He has conducted more than 15000 hours of training for professionals and management aspirants. He is an avid traveller and books are his best companion. He is known for his fun based teaching which helps the students to understand the concepts in a better way. In his doctoral research, he conducts and in depth analysis of ‘competency assessment against return of investment’ which helped to develop two patented tools for assessment during the journey. He is one among a few trainers with Corporate Governance Forum (IMF, World Bank) and a certified entrepreneurship trainer.

If not working, you will find him going for biking or writing nano stories. His thoughts have been regularly published in social media under the name "Black board – which reflects some white thoughts".

He inspire the students to "celebrate life and feel success in each breath"

Areas of expertise: Marketing Management, International Marketing, Advertisement and Media Management, Digital Media marketing, Entrepreneurship Management, Ethics and Corporate Governance.

He can be reached at