Alfina Johnson

Mrs.Alfina Johnson, MBA,
Associate Trainer, CLAP Global MBA Programme.

She is the one who can understand the new generations in a better way and has designed her own way to make finance subjects more interesting for them. She is an MBA holder with 4 years of corporate experience with India’s leading Banks in the middle level management. She has achieved many accolades including ‘Best Manager, Best speaker and was quoted as ‘a lady with impact’ in all corporate or academic training sessions.

She loves to listen music and an avid reader with a good number of followers who love to listen to her wisdom in financial management.

She always tells her fellow mates and students "You will become the biggest failure, if you don’t experiment and follow you passion, you will be successful only when you move from your comfort zone"

Areas of expertise: Banking and Finance Management, Forex Management International Finance Management, Accounting, Equity and Portfolio Management.

He can be reached at